The foundation of each art piece we create is a sturdy glass bottle, lending them a robust feel and making them less delicate. We then decorate them with a specially crafted biomaterial, treated with natural beeswax for both water resistance and a subtle shine. It's important to note that while the material is water resistant, it's not waterproof, so please refrain from cleaning the pieces with water or chemicals.

As the pieces age, their colour may change slightly, which is a natural part of their aging process. To preserve their colour, we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight.

As our art pieces are crafted from natural materials, it is important to note that they may require a bit of care, particularly if you live in a hot climate. If the biomaterial feels dry, you can massage it with some natural oil to help keep it hydrated. This not only helps preserve the material but also allows you to connect more with the natural elements that make up the piece.

We hope you will find our art pieces as enchanting as we do, and we are passionate about creating them.